Greek exchange looses more than exchanges in war like Israel and Russia, Need an explanation or Market Manipulation

I can’t beleive what I see lately in the spread of Greek bonds Vs the Portuguese


How can the difference be explained (up to 2.35%) among the Portuguese and Greek bonds with all the problems that the Portuguese face with the Banco Espirito…Furthermore how cam be explained the Greek stock exchange fall of ~4% in comparison of the equities, exchanges of countries within a war area like Israel:


For Example Tel Aviv is losing up to the levels of 0,2% while the Russians with severe fundamendal problems with their currency as well as … embargo etc.. gains up to 1%.

Sorry that I am too lazy to continue writing now, since its Saturday and I am in front of the turquoise and deep blue waters of the Greek Aegean sea, but I promise to come back upon your interest.

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