Comments on an Article about US LNG Imports in Europe

The naive approach in the article below, ingnores that UK already signed import contracts with Cheniere and others…and is doing a fundamental mistake about the pricing systems that those contracts adopt. The author compares a spot pricing system with a Long-Term pricing: The US exports will mainly directed for Long Term contracts due to the constraints derived from the size of the cargoes. Most US contracts are following certain L-T pricing rules which are not published and definately are fluctuating around the spot (below and above HH) in order to share the risk between supplier and buyer. Moreover the regasification and other transportation costs usually included in the pricing and not fluctuating as a plus on the spot.

The article below:
Γιατί δεν συμφέρει η εισαγωγή αμερικανικού LNG στην Ευρώπη.

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