CANADIAN & US #crude #oil #exported to #Europe will continue and will hold for gas

Very interesting oil sourcing strategy seen by US Census Bureau data confirm my previous thesis for the feasibility of US energy exports to Europe and close to our neighbour Italy and Switzerland. I beleive same feasibility will hold also for gas. Taking advantage of sand oil and horizontal and fracture drilling discovered in West will diversify in a most economic way or energy sourcing. What is seen below is a constant opportunity taking by Swiss refineries even at time when spread WTI BRENT narrows something that doesn’t hold for Spain. Remains to see if this important game change strategy will continue.



Its very important that the volumes are low enough to permit consumption flexibility and their origin is Canada and reexported from Gulf Coast a long way trip! !

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  1. Speaking of outlets for North American crude outputs, the beginning of October brought the second Suncor export of Canadian crude out of Montreal. The load of heavy crude from Western Canada’s crude oil sands was set to be delivered to the US Gulf Coast, a change of course from the first Suncor exported cargo, which headed toward Europe.

    This came around the same time that Richard Masson, CEO of the Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission, said his land-locked province could see some crude being exported to Asia in the next 12-18 months if infrastructure problems are overcome. He was at the Asia-Pacific Petroleum Conference in Singapore, and said that while much of the Western Canadian crude would probably end up at other North American locations, more could go to refiners in Asia. Where do you think the future of Canadian crude exports lies?

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